Dancom is a company built on rock solid foundation. Established since 1985 with its humble beginning as the pioneer for the first generation Dancall cellular handphone, today Dancom prides a strong financial posture with RM1.3 billion revenue annually. With 11 branch offices nationwide Malaysia, workforce of over 500 people and a connected network of 8,000 partners, Dancom is the partner of choice – game changing the distribution business; technology solutions; and telecommunications infrastructure and network landscapes. We are constantly exceeding expectations of our Brand Partners and relentless in delivering sustainable value to our stakeholders.

Our Vision, Culture and Values

Our Vision

Our corporate vision is to be a leading market-orientated company providing quality telecommunication and IT solutions so as to add value to the customers, principals, employees and shareholders of the company.

Our Culture

At Dancom, we inculcate the corporate culture of partnership involvement at all levels between the Company & Stakeholders: Contractors, Customers, Principals & Suppliers, Employees & Marketing Network.

Our Values

As a company, which takes pride in being a caring corporate citizen, Dancom practices the following Value System: Trusting, Fairness, Give & Take Attitude, Win-Win Combination and Care & Share.

As in any other business, the Group believes that its continual success will depend to a significant extent upon the abilities, skills, experience, competency and continuous efforts of its existing Directors and management team.

The Group is headed by Datuk Liu Thim Soon who has been in the telecommunications and IT solutions industry for more than twenty years. He is supported by an experienced Board of Directors and assisted by an experienced, dedicated and dynamic professional management team. The Group will strive to continue attracting and retaining qualified and experienced personnel which is essential towards maintaining the high performance standard of the Group.

The management of Dancom Group is spearheaded by its Group Managing Director, Datuk Liu Thim Soon and comprises members of the Board and a team of dedicated and experienced professionals.

Quality Control Procedures or Quality Management Programmes Dancom Group is committed to provide quality telecommunication and IT products and services so as to add value to the customers, principals, employees and shareholders of the Company.

Research & Development
The Dancom Group participates in technology transfer programs with its principals who besides providing the products and equipment, also provides operational assistance, technical staff training and advise on market trends and development.

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